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What is glamping?

Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’, is thé newest trend within the camping world. Glamping stands for the comfort of a hotel combined with the natural environment and freedom of camping. During your holiday you will stay in a fully furnished luxury glamping tent or an other unique glamping accommodation and camp in style, equipped with all comforts.

Luxury and comfort

Glamping: it must be undoubtable that you have heard of this trend lately. Glamping is one of the most sought terms on Google lately. Forget about air beds, mats, sleeping bags and the quite uncomfortable walks towards the toilet block while holding toilet paper, your cosmetic bag and a towel. In a glamping accommodation you can enjoy a comfortable bed and private bathroom. In addition, the accommodations provide kitchen and fridge. The camping gas stoves can be stored! That’s glamorous camping!

How can you go glamping?

For your ‘glamping stay in a charming and luxurious accommodation you can choose from 13 different Campingselection accommodations and 6 other unique glamping accommodations. The Campingselection accommodations are fully furnished with all inventory and furniture needed and equipped with a kitchen and private bathroom (with the exception of the Cocosuite, the Glamptent and the Tendi Safaritent).

Our luxury accommodations are furnished with beautiful and luxurious items, styled beautifully and they are very spacious inside. It’s ultimate glamping!

Glamping: Campingselection leads the way

Campingselection is adapting to the glamping trend since the very beginning. Over time, we have developed quite a few glamping accommodations such as the romantic Lodgesuite or the amazing Airlodgewhere you can count stars from your comfortable bed. Because innovation at Campingselection is paramount, we continue to customize and develop our accommodations continuously. We feel free to call ourselves the glamping specialist within this market. Do you love camping but prefer a bit luxury and comfort? Book one of our glamping accommodations. Enjoy and relax!